Managed Services

Adding strategic value to the business with better-managed services

Well managed IT operations and infrastructure help leverage businesses in the right direction at the right time. Our managed services can help you make your IT more scalable and agile, in turn bringing in better business outputs. Experience improved efficiencies in IT, as we fine-tune your IT methodologies and standardize them for higher productive results.

Onsite Management

Managing end-to-end challenges at any given time, any given place

By deploying our expertise in onsite management based on your needs, we make sure that all your IT problems are addressed by our engineers 24x7. Armed with special skill-sets, we tackle any of your IT related issues with onsite services that make your infrastructure and operations more manageable and profitable. With rapid problem solving capabilities, we help mitigate risks, increase productivity in a cost-effective way.

Service Desk Management

Empowering customers through proactive service desk management

In a critical IT landscape where tasks and transactions get increasingly complex, a well-managed service desk system paves way for better customer loyalty and thus for a reputed brand . Our service desk management has been designed to keep a single-point contact through a single-point entry and exit for better data integration and streamlined communication. This keeps the customers well-informed about progress and the on-going working of all the processes and requests. This offers the following benefits-

  • Personalized customer experience
  • Continuous access and support at any given time
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Optimized use of available resources
  • Virtual service desk for anytime access from multiple locations

Problem Management

Proactive problem management for better resolution

Going to the root of any problem is the only way to truly avert it from causing any potential harm at the given moment or even in the future. With our extensive experience in problem management, we go to the source of the problem, identify the main errors or deficit areas of the problem and thus avert any incidences that might possibly cause damages. With our excellence in problem management you get the following benefits-

  • Proactive problem identification
  • Problem classification to simply the problem-solving processes
  • Diagnosis of the problem to proactively provide solutions before damage

Release Management

Effective IT releases for better integration

Any software or hardware roll-out or release is crucial to IT operations and infrastructure. Proper release management can help control proper functioning of the released software/hardware in the existing infrastructure. We have the necessary knowledge of the impact of release-management to make the introductions and transitions as smooth as possible with the following benefits-

  • Effective planning of release management for better integration
  • Smooth adaptation of changes and releases into the existing infrastructure
  • Customizing the roll-outs for better customer satisfaction
  • More control for better outputs

Service Delivery

Smart decision-making with simplified IT

For effective implementation of IT, it all comes down to standardization and timely service delivery. With effective Managed services we facilitate service delivery that can accelerate your business. Your business will only thrive with a proper service delivery and we offer the following benefits-

  • Standardized service delivery for speedy business
  • Easy service requests
  • Cost-effective IT
  • Smart and quick decision making
  • More control over applications

IT Service Continuity Management

Quick recovery and restoration for continued business

Through our proactive approach and planning, we deploy processes that help restore IT quickly, without losing time and interrupting business. We anticipate the disaster and take all preventive measures to make sure the incident is averted. In case of a major disaster too, we are well equipped with step-by-step analysis and robust planning to take quick action within no time. We do the following for restoration and recovery-

  • Risk assessment of all IT assets
  • Narrow down all possible threats, vulnerabilities, and loop-holes in the infrastructure
  • Practice Business Impact Analysis in order to anticipate recovery priorities
  • Evaluation of methods of recovery deployment as per the disaster or damage
  • Devise and review a contingency plan for various IT assets from time to time

Service Management

Enhanced business through diligent service management

With a continuous service management improvement program, we align your IT requirements and various business needs for a more comprehensive and profitable IT management model. We mainly focus on the following aspects of aligning IT with business-

  • Analysis and assessment of the organization’s IT assets
  • Creating a vision that aligns with the business objectives of the organization
  • Setting clear goals with achievable targets
  • Implementation of IT service management with effective results

Systems Management

Optimize resources and skills with centrally managed IT

In the complex IT landscape, while organizations are already struggling to streamline processes, systems, and operations, systems management is the need of the time. Without centralized systems- management, IT organizations cannot fully capitalize on the enormous benefits of technology. We have grown with the industry, tapping in the latest trends and applying systems management to each and every new development, be it technology, operations or infrastructure. Therefore you can benefit from our experience in Systems management in more than one way-

  • Monitoring of metrics
  • Prioritizing security with anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Monitoring every user activity within the premises and of users on the move
  • Capacity monitoring
  • Tracking hardware for better inventory management
  • Security and storage management for
  • Analysis of network and utilization of resources

Incident Management

Quick restoration leads to uninterrupted business outcomes

With an unexpected error or disruptive incident that can potentially harm business, it needs to be curbed before it can actually cause any real-time damage. With effective incident management, we help in restoring the normal service operations in no time to avert possible losses. This leads to maintaining the levels of service quality at any stage of the process in order to continue business without hurdles in any challenging situation.

  • Uninterrupted business
  • Mitigating risks
  • Quick restoration
  • Maintaining high-quality service levels

Change Management

Better change management for minimal disruptions

We bring about change with any new addition or altercation in your IT infrastructure with minimum risks or disruptions. With our thorough understanding of IT and its various functions, we have modeled our change management processes for the following benefits-

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Minimal disruption of services
  • Change that supports economic use of resources

Configuration Management

Add value to IT with the right IT knowledge and implementation

Right knowledge of IT assets, tools and requirements allows for a successful configuration management. Our proper knowledge of how IT works helps us to understand the value that IT assets add to any organization. With our dynamic configuration management skills you will be able to achieve the following benefits-

  • Effective resource provisioning to workloads
  • Customized configuration management for better results
  • Improved business value

Capacity Management

Aligning assets as per the requirement

Our skills in capacity management help organizations align IT infrastructure with their changing business requirements. Our experts analyze the organization’s existing IT infrastructure and identify the needs for the right asset-requirement. Our thorough inventory makes it possible to identify the necessary processing and storage resources at the right time. Our capacity management offers the following advantages-

  • Monitoring and measuring various IT infrastructure components
  • Modify applications as required
  • Analysis of present IT situation and requirements
  • Planning and executing capacity management for more business output in less time

Software Asset Management

Comprehensive software asset management for better quality and delivery

We practice software asset management through a collaborative effort by bringing people, processes, and technology together in order to make the most out of your IT operations and infrastructure. By a rigorous inventory of what exists and what can be optimized out of your software assets, we help align your IT investments by controlling, evaluating, tracking and managing software licenses and assets. Here is what you achieve through our systematic software asset management-

  • Reduced IT expenditures
  • Reduced human resource overheads
  • Mitigate risks involving ownership and management of software assets
  • Keeping track of inventory and maintaining software license compliance
  • Maintaining standardized policies and procedures regarding all aspects of software asset management

Continual Service Improvement

Consistency and Continuity for impeccable deliverables

With the objective of consistency and continuity in IT, we implement continual service improvement management. We collaborate with our IT knowledge-base and experience to realign IT with the changing business needs. We follow various processes such as service level management, service measurement and continual service improvement for better outcomes. With our continual service improvement, you experience the following benefits-

  • Uninterrupted business
  • Less downtime
  • Planning and implementation at the right time
  • Improved services