Infrastructure as a Service

Build your ambitions fearlessly on robust IT infrastructure

We extend our expertise and experience toward building a competent, robust and sustainable IT Infrastructure as a Service. With our invaluable partnership with HP, we provide Infrastructure as a service in various domains such as Server and Storage, Print Solutions, Point of Sale solutions, Device as a Service along with turnkey projects allowing a comprehensive suite of services under one roof.

Server and Storage

Servers and Storage that authenticate IT for you

As a server and storage service provider, Kalyx mainly offers the solutions as a service on premise. Our partnership with HP ensures you get scalable servers that are customized as per your requirement. On a service-on-demand basis, we offer storage, top of rack switches and much more to the users. In addition to this, we also offer on-site installation as per the requirement. With your active participation, we will Size the Servers and Storage more than what you envisage. You get the following benefits out of Servers and Storage-

  • Analysis of storage
  • Scope for scalability of storage
  • Benefits of storage virtualization
  • Seamless migration with minimum downtime
  • Charges as peruse and reduce the needs on demand at a click

Device as a Service

Accelerate your business with DaaS

We deploy Device as a Service (DaaS) with HP products such as Desktops, Laptops, Thin Client, all preconfigured for better reach with any time, anywhere access to business applications, data, and communication. We care for our customers and thus customize all our solutions that come under Infrastructure as a Service. Thus depending upon the demand, we configure our services and provide experts such as Engineers, coordinators, project managers as and when needed anywhere, anytime. You get the following benefits from our Device as a Service-

  • Customized services as per the demand
  • Enhance business applications
  • Get the best-configured products
  • Augment business with enhanced performance
  • Cost-effective services due to the on-demand business model
  • Availability of experts on-site anytime, anywhere

Consulting and Implementation

Partner with the right consultants for efficient implementation and results

With our partnership with HP for technology services, authorized implementation, and services we take up large implementation, development, migration and also offer Green technology solutions. Not limiting to this innovative approach to IT, we have also partnered with APC in order to offer Datacenter solutions platform. We also boast of having established alliances with various vendors to offer solutions in technology. In order to leverage your business, we also customize our solutions with best practices for our customers to choose from. Here are a few advantages of our innovative approach to consulting and implementation-

  • Optimize your IT performance
  • Get authenticated implementation
  • The right approach to migration
  • Customized development practices
  • Better business outcomes

Print Solutions

Customized print services that make your life easy and convenient

Our partnership with HP helps us extend excellent quality print services as per demand. With our customized solutions, you get to print per page with a price per page along with a base fee for services. Services are provided on a contract basis that usually extends to 3 to 5 years. Here are the benefits that you can enjoy with our Print Solutions- Better use of infrastructure and manage the environment efficiently with our efficient Print Solutions-

  • Enhance productive print outcomes while saving costs
  • High security and better network optimization
  • Well-managed print-fleet
  • Streamlined print job accounting
  • Enhanced document management
  • Save resources and energy
  • Be Mobile and print from anywhere, anytime
  • Improve workflow
  • Print Data Security
  • Seamless Integration to your Network and Security Policies..
  • High-Quality prints and smooth Support for the printers

Turnkey Projects

From design to support, we re-define IT implementation

With our specialty in turnkey projects, you don’t have to look anywhere else for setting-up the entire IT enterprise. From bare site implementation of complete IT equipment that encompasses all the assets in IT such as cabling racks, servers, storage, desktops, laptops, Thin clients, printers, scanners, and anything and everything to completely setting-up all operations running smoothly, we take care of your projects from A to Z. We start with analyzing the need and capacity and start designing the project requirements. We then build and supply infrastructure as per the need. After completing the project, we hand it over and carry out implementations as per the need. We also extend our support in managing the operations and provide all the support needed in terms of services. With our outstanding turnkey projects here is what you gain-

  • Reduced total time of implementation
  • Save costs
  • Save resources
  • Get the best services under one roof
  • Optimize business benefits