Know-how and transparency in AMC to ensure business functions keep running smoothly

For all that you invest in IT; it is the AMC that regulates your operations, solutions, and services to function properly. With better managed AMC, you don’t have to operate within a limited scope and time-frame of well-functioning IT. We deploy AMC contracts that let you have control over the infrastructural as well as operational solutions. Our hand-holding in AMC covers all the loop-holes and is well integrated with your business and technology needs. With our various AMC contracts, we offer the following advantages to our clients-

Our partnership with HP allows us to offer you a third party and HP AMC at an all India level and extended Onsite Support

Data Center Solutions

Making your data more invaluable with our dynamic and robust data center solutions

We plan and design your data centers in such a way that any new technological innovation or intervention can be easily adapted and integrated into it. We follow a more proactive approach to build on a secure and innovative data center. We build a data center that is agile, secure and futuristic; one that can optimize your IT. With our expertise in evaluating the existing data centers and restructuring them into one homogenous data center, our aim is to optimize the data center environment for maximum efficiencies. Here are a few advantages that our data center designs offer-

  • Consolidation, virtualization and migration services aimed at cost reduction
  • Allocating more space for more business through migration to a few large servers with partitions from small servers
  • Highly efficient DC environments with high productivity in less time
  • High security and risk management in data centers
  • Adopt new-gen server technology
  • Consolidating multi-vendor, server and storage infrastructure into fewer homogenous data center structures

Converged Infrastructure Solutions

We deploy an integrated approach for more scalable IT in less time and cost

With the help of HP we create converged infrastructure solutions for you. With the objective of reducing carbon footprint, we help you unleash the benefits of virtualization through converged infrastructure solutions. Having a more centralized approach toward your infrastructure can give rise to better operations and results. Converged IT can help you save you costs and increase productivity at the same time. While we take care of consolidating infrastructural needs, your team can focus more on business and workloads. Some of the benefits of Converged solutions are as follows-

  • The centralized approach will give you more control over your IT operations
  • Easy integration of new changes
  • Implementation of better practices, quickly for better productivity
  • Consolidate desktop management with server management
  • Re-shift the focus on more critical tasks in IT
  • Reduce PC support costs by the virtue of virtualization
  • Reduce technical support costs by aligning innovative support functions through converged IT
  • Increased security with increased control
  • Less room for breaches and threats
  • Software installation simplified and more efficient disaster management
  • Save energy and resources at once

Microsoft & Infrastructure Solutions

With our expertise and valuable partnerships with technology leaders, we extend Microsoft infrastructure solutions to our clients, customized as per their requirements. Here are a few solutions that we provide to add value to their business-

  • SIP Solutions as per customer requirements
  • Integration of Microsoft upgrade and implementation of active directory design
  • Design and implementation of unified communication
  • Microsoft infrastructure upgrade and migration
  • Collaboration and Knowledge management design of MOSS and portal
  • Microsoft hosted solutions and portal solutions

Cloud Computing

Accelerate business growth with the agility and innovation of Cloud

Step into the future while you manage your present IT needs. With Cloud, leap into reliable and speedy deliverables, anywhere, anytime. With our expertise in cloud solutions we give you a competitive advantage in the market to make your services more agile and versatile. We start with analyzing the existing infrastructure and see how best fit Cloud services are for your IT. We propose need based services that can make the real difference. With cloud, you can make all your data driven services virtual and gain more space, agility and in less cost making you more future ready for newer challenges.
Depending upon the need, we deploy different types of Cloud computing such as Public cloud, community cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud that can serve your requirements in the best manner at all times. Here are some of the advantages of Cloud computing services that can change the face of your business-

  • Scalable IT with innovative cloud
  • Build apps quickly
  • Secure your data with robust cloud infrastructure
  • Collaborate with more efficiency
  • More work-force connectivity anywhere, anytime
  • Enhance business with uninterrupted connectivity
  • Protect your critical data with cloud security at all times
  • Remove threats and breaches to avoid any malfunctioning within the infrastructure

Security Compliances

We prioritize security and make no exception to the rule for successful IT

Well defined security compliances make room for better IT management. Averting threats and data breaches is of paramount importance and organizations should prioritize the importance of a better guarded IT functioning. Our security compliance management starts with an understanding of the business model of our client and the scope for implementations. In the analysis mode, we understand the nature of your business and we do a rigorous risk analysis of your IT. We look deeper into the design system, control assessment and business impact. Based on this data, we strategize a plan for security compliances for better implementation.

  • Assessment of existing infrastructural needs
  • Identifying the possible loop-holes in the IT infrastructure
  • Establishing the ground for customized security compliances
  • Devising the right security compliances and RM solutions