HP Elite Dragonfly

Work and Play with HP Elite Dragonfly

28th April, 2020

Gadgets, followed by technology, have turned out to be indispensable parts of our lives these days. It’s the norm to carry a smartphone (also known as miniature computer) now. Experts have predicted that laptops will soon be replaced by smartphones in the years to come; but, the fact remains that mobile phones can’t replace laptops for each and everything all the time.

The “laptop” segment is witnessing so much of innovation. This is evident from creative work taken up by HP. They have reinvented flexibility as well as mobility for present-day workforce with “Elite Dragonfly”. It comes across as a powerful and lightweight device designed for suiting every computing need; be it creative tasks, immersive gaming, or daily tasks.

There are several things going in favor of HP Elite Dragonfly – longest battery life, lightweight design, solid performance, comfortable keyboard, and loads of security features. As such, this laptop doesn’t cease to keep you productive irrespective of location (on road, in office, or at home). This could be credited to availability of optional gigabit-class 4G LTE; apart from the factors mentioned above.

The other exclusive feature of HP Elite Dragonfly is that it’s the first convertible having a 4X4 LTE antenna along with HP WorkWell (a pre-installed personal wellbeing software).

On being switched “ON”, you could mitigate the clicking sounds with redesigned backlit and quiet keyboard coupled with glass touchpad for smooth working experience and premium feel. The island-style keyboard does have well-spaced keycaps; which make it pretty difficult to miss the key.

HP Elite Dragonfly does feature the highest screen-to-body ratio and could easily transform from laptop to tablet and vice versa. File transfer happens three times faster with Wi-Fi 6. HP Sure Sense is there to guard against malware attacks; whereas HP Sure Recover, along with Embedded Reimaging, does get users back up and runs fast – anywhere, anytime.

Multi-taskers would have a great time with HP Elite Dragonfly; as loading of pages happens pretty fast. You could surf the internet, listen to songs, watch a movie, or even play a game. The machine does not slow even a bit. It acts as one of the best companions to your hectic lifestyle – be it meetings, or an international schedule.

About Kalyx

Kalyx, with alterations happening all across cloud technology and, in turn, workplace, facilitates not only product slimness and ease of use but also quality and the best-in-class after sales service. As a premier partner to HP, Kalyx offers its premium product “Elite Dragonfly” to you. So, enjoy flawless performance with excellent maintenance through Kalyx!