Power-house Workstations from HP!

Designed for special use; HP’s workstations add more power and performance. Designed for high-end use, you can experience what the unprecedented power of the world’s most secure workstations can promise and do for you. Take on more workloads and make your life easy. A workstation from HP is built for the most demanding software applications.
A workstation from HP is built and designed for a specific technical, gaming or business application which a standard PC may not be able to accomplish. Usually, workstations are put in use for video editing, handling high-end graphics and serious architectural design, amongst others. This makes these machines the best friends of professionals who are into 3D modeling, CAD, photo editing, video editing, and more.
HP’s Z workstations are class-apart and here are some direct benefits-

High storage capacities-

Shift into a higher gear and experience ultra-fast storage times with revolutionary HP Z Turbo Drive, an innovative PCle-based SSD Storage solution that reduces bottlenecks, boot up the calculation, and graphics response times-even with 4K video

Get inspired-

No matter where you are located, share your ideas real-time with multiple-users simultaneously and also from remote computers in almost any location. Share 3D images from any PC or experience remote workstation-class productivity too.
With huge support for ECC memory, a large number of memory sockets, multiple processor sockets, multiple displays, and run reliable operating systems with the advanced feature, HP Workstations also support high performance and reliable graphics card(s).
A series of HP Z workstation models are available for every use.

Features that define HP Workstation-

  • Larger memory
  • Powerful processors
  • Professional Graphics cards
  • Larger hard drives
  • Reliability

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