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Make the best with webcast Conferences with HP Elite Dragonfly Specs

22nd April, 2020

These days, organizations are looking for webcasting opportunities and video conferences; thanks to travel ban (breakdown of Covid -19) coupled with reduction in economic spending. Well, no worries on this count; as technological world has facilitated virtual connections with employees as well as customers in the manner similar to that of hosting an in-person conference.

The sophistication with respect to today’s on-demand downloads, live-streaming do make these webinars a stupendous engagement tool; and also a prospective revenue generation opportunity.

By delivering webinars; you create 3 discrete benefits for your organization:

  • Provision of invaluable content
  • Exposing yourself to a bigger audience
  • Measuring data captured through audience

You could avail these benefits by having your HP Elite Dragonfly specs in place. The branded webinar hosted through HP Elite Dragonfly specs could be “live” for around 1 year post telecast; thereby letting you update content and also charge for accessing it. You could also make use of “paid for webcasts” to maximize return on that initial investment.

The other advantage of a webinar hosted through HP Elite Dragonfly specs is that you make a beeline to sponsorships. The ways in which you could attract sponsors could be:

  • Live polling platforms that partner companies could sponsor
  • Webinar keynotes could be sponsored with signage at video feed sight.
  • Video advertisements (between webinar)
  • Sponsor-branded documents that audience could download from webinar.
  • Logo or brand name insets

However, the points mentioned above would be able to see the light of the day only if links directing participants to sponsor’s website, social media, video content, or any other means of online promotion are provided.

“Data Capture” could also be achieved through webinars. When you ask guests to register for your webinar; they have to mention their name, location, job title, company, phone numbers, and email addresses. This entire lot of information with certain web analytics would give a fair idea about who would be interested in your services. The time duration for which the guest attended will apprise you about his/her attention span. This would render a great help with regards to lead generation.

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