HP Elite Dragonfly The laptop to watch out for in 2020

16th April, 2020

The year 2019 witnessed the influx of HP EliteBook series; the latest being EliteBook x360 1030. The year 2020 will witness the onset of Elite Dragonfly from HP; which, in a sense, acts as a successor to EliteBook x360 1030. It does not discount EliteBook by any means; but is a novel product; providing a food for thought; as to what would a business convertible would look like. What renders Dragonfly “light” is the fact that it consists of magnesium (in place of standard aluminum).

Moreover, this is not all. The good part is that no compromises are made for that weight. A full U-series processor is used. It does have options for FHD privacy screen or UHD display coupled with extremely powerful B&O speakers; and not to forget – option for 4G LTE.

Another feature to watch out for is availability of 4-cell battery. There do exist lighter laptops; but HP elite Dragonfly does enjoy the privilege of being convertible. As of now, there isn’t any other lightweight 13-inch convertible laptop.

Spectre convertibles come with Poseidon Blue color; whereas Elite Dragonfly has the color dedicated to itself – “Dragonfly Blue”. The lid of this convertible has been stamped with “silver” HP logo. In all, the entire package could be termed as one of the welcome departures from standard silver business laptops that we see of.

As an upgradation to HP EliteBook x360 1030; HP Elite Dragonfly’s keyboard deck is 32% lighter, display cover is 22% lighter, trackpad is 36% lighter, and keyboard is 26% lighter (all of this is claimed by HP). On the whole, we could conclude that loads of engineering brains had to be put up for getting this business laptop under 1 kilogram.

HP is into continuity of its partnership with Bang & Olufsen as far as Elite Dragonfly is concerned. Plus, speakers are included next to keyboard on its either side. This ensures that you do have the sound firing at you. The sound is crystal-clear; and loud enough for filling the room.

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