HP Elite Dragonfly

HP Elite Dragonfly Incredibly Crafted for Excellence !

14th April, 2020

It’s pretty difficult to generate excitement regarding a new-fangled laptop; especially when it is being bought for office chores like – say 15-tab spreadsheets, carefully drafted emails, and password protected files.

However, the new-fangled HP Elite Dragonfly does make working pleasant. Crafted as a lightweight laptop, the machine does weigh 990 grams and relieves you of your concern in choosing the backpack (as size is not the issue due to compactness). Let’s walk through some of the reasons for opting for HP Elite Dragonfly:

  • Premium laptops are being defined by their capability of balancing compact design with essential power for managing inbox, editing documents, and web browsing. HP Elite Dragonfly fills the bill; with its 13-inch screen size.
  • HP Elite Dragonfly takes the environment into consideration as well. The second generation HP Elite Dragonfly for the year 2020 is all set to move further with over 80% of the mechanical parts made from recycled materials.
  • Elite Dragonfly is available with a 4K screen. This would facilitate precise editing of photographs. Besides, if you intend clocking in YouTube; the same Dragonfly would prove to be ideal on the account of slacking. This full-day’s usage could be attributed to 24.5-hr battery life.
  • HP Elite Dragonfly could be looked upon as a “personality”; in place of something pricey that merely crams together a group of top-level specifications. Apart from eco-friendly design and ultra-probable nature, this gives the feeling of a device that you would want to stay with for long and be a cause of resentment to your colleagues. It gives the feeling of being discrete; is super powerful, and does achieve rare comfort with its keyboard and the light build.

In a nutshell; if you wish to have elegance and efficiency go hand-in-hand; HP Elite Dragonfly is the best bet !

About Kalyx

Kalyx, with alterations happening all across cloud technology and, in turn, workplace, facilitates not only product slimness and ease of use but also quality and the best-in-class after sales service. As a premier partner to HP, Kalyx offers its premium product “Elite Dragonfly” to you. So, enjoy flawless performance with excellent maintenance through Kalyx!