HP Elite Dragonfly

Get Empowered with just 2.2 Pounds

8th April, 2020

HP has added another niche product to its Elite line; and that is “Elite Dragonfly”. Its tagline “Lighter than Air” differentiates it from the other products in this line. Weighing less than a kilogram (approximately 2.2 pounds), it does ensure of a power-packed performance. Even though it falls in the category of HP’s enterprise-focused Elite line; it has been targeted at the customers who are emphasizing an ultra-powerful business laptop.

HP’s Elite Dragonfly, in spite of being a business laptop; looks more ultraportable and stylish as compared to the IT department’s conventional notebook. It does make way for powerful multi-tasking chops. The battery life is such that you could easily go beyond a day. In other words, HP Elite Dragonfly proves to be ideal for those who pay an extra heed to the “look and feel”; and, at the same time, don’t need even an inch of muscle.

Though making stylish laptops has been HP’s forte since long; it is tabling its portfolio’s business side with Elite Dragonfly. The blue-and-silver color scheme followed by compact footprint does make it fascinating enough to make you feel proud to present it at client meetings.

The compactness doesn’t keep Elite dragonfly from housing 2 USB-C slots with Thunderbolt 3, a USB-A socket, a full-sized HDMI port, and headphone jack. The left edge contains a power button and SIM card slot.

Typing on Dragonfly is an ultimate pleasure; thanks to cushy keys and properly-placed layout. The keyboard also functions quietly; so the ones around you have no chance to complain regarding noise.

The touchpad is amply spaced below space bar. It’s simple to use and also responsive. As such, HP has proven that it’s very much possible to make light and thin notebook; that too, without having to skimp on quality trackpad and keyboard.

We could infer that HP Elite Dragonfly is amongst the solid convertibles; which, despite being branded as “business laptop”, ought to be appealing to the mainstream shoppers as well.

About Kalyx

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