Printing Solutions



  • Reduce your end-to-end print and copy costs
  • Get more done with existing printer devices
  • Create a more secure print and copy network
  • Optimize to reduce environmental cost and impact



  • Streamlined Print Job Accounting
  • Enhanced Printer Fleet Management
  • More Accurate Device Management
  • Effortless Output Management



  • Increase customer response time and reduce costs
  • Improved document management
  • Digitally green alternatives to reduce environmental impact
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Make your day-to-day operations more efficiency


Optimize Infrastructure

  • Security Print jobs left in the out-tray are not only wasteful; they pose as security risks too. But with HP, your confidentialdocuments stay confidential. You can protect the integrity and confidentiality of your corporate data.
  • HP Pull Printing Solutions: Protect sensitive data by requiring authentication at the printer, and gives users the ability to print where and when they want.
  • HP Imaging and Printing Security Solutions: protect your information and prevent unauthorised access.
  • SecureJet : Protect and encrypt print jobs giving greater security within the enterprise on the multifunction printers.
  • JetAnywhere : Enable your mobile workforce to access their printouts from any printer anytime, anywhere from different Internet-enabled locations, with a real-time billing feature.
  • TrustDelivery : Secure important printed documents with anti-copy and anti-forgery features and enable different levels of encryption to access different information.
  • Mobility:print wherever you go.


HP Universal Print Driver (UPD):

Eliminate the headache of multiple print drivers on your network with one intelligent driver for almost any HP LaserJet printer or MFP to be used across the entire enterprise printing environment.

  • LANFax/Fax Forwarding: Delivers data and documents to intended recipients efficiently and securely
  • HP LAN Fax Solutions: Deliver powerful faxing solutions that improve productivity reduce costs and streamline workflows.
  • EZFax2EMail : Provide data-enhanced security by digitally delivering faxes directly to email recipients


Manage Environment

  • Job Accounting: Assesses costs of output devices to maximize return on printer investment
  • HP Job Accounting Print Solutions: Comprehensive solutions to track, manage and account for all print activity in the fleet, as well as e-mail, copy and fax activity for HP devices. They enable tracking by device, user, department or cost center to aid in forecasting, internal billing and cost recovery.
  • Fleet Solutions MegaTrack : Monitor, track and obtain reports on all network printer activities to help manage your organisation's printer fleet costs with ability to assign print quota to individual.
  • EasyReport : Track user print, copy and scan usage and ability to apply rule-based printing such as restriction to certain features to a group of users.
  • Single device solution MIPA/MIPA PIN : Account for device activities and restrict access to colour copy functions on selected HP LaserJet printers
  • Device Management: Optimizes devise utilizations, controls costs, streamlines supplies and maximizes IT efficiency
  • HP Web Jetadmin: Proactively manage your printer fleet problems before they impact user productivity. Remotely install, configure and manage network-connected HP and non-HP network peripherals using a standard Web browser.
  • HP Color Access Control: Monitor print jobs and gain visibility into color print usage and ultimately reduces business costs


Improve Workflow

  • Content Capture: Transforms paper-based data into electronic documents for seamless delivery
  • NEW - HP Document Capture for Admissions and Electronic Medical Records solution: powered by HP multifunction printers (MFPs) can help the healthcare industry face its challenges head-on and deliver more efficient, reliable and up-to-date care for patients.
  • NEW – HP Automated Invoice Processing Solution for Manufacturing: HP and ReadSoft® solutions, powered by HP MFPs, automate the entire value chain of invoice processing
  • HP Digital Sending Software: Incorporate paper documents into electronic business processes quickly and securely
  • Kofax Capture: Accelerate your organisation's workflow processes by digitising all incoming data. Deliver advanced document and data capture from scanned and electronic documents and route to business applications data.
  • Document Exchange Server : Capture documents from MFP and deliver to the business applications


Output Management

Routes information freely within enterprises and to external stakeholders

  • HP Output Server: Deliver information reliably across the enterprise with HP Output Server software, the core platform of any HP Output Management Solutions.
  • HP Output Management Solution:Organisations that use major enterprise applications (such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel) and are dependent on the delivery of business-critical documents quickly and reliably to multiple output destinations.
  • HP International Printing Solution: Print Unicode-based data quickly and easily Forms Automation Prints forms and office documentation on-demand
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